Dragon's tail dodgeball

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Dragon's tail dodgeball
Type: dodgeball game
Number of players: larger group, at least 12 or so
Location: playing field
Equipment: a ball
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: none

Dragon's tail dodgeball is a dodgeball game for groups of at least 12 people or so. Several groups compete each other. The game is based on the tag game dragon's tail tag.


You need at least one (soft) ball. In larger groups, several balls can be used as well.


The participants are split into several groups. Each group should have at least 3 or 4 members. It can be played with two groups, but is usually more fun with more competing groups.

The groups always form "dragons", by standing in a line behind each other, holding each other's shoulders. The person in the front is the dragon's head, the person at the end of the line represents the tail.

Once the game is started, the heads try to get the ball and shoot it at the other dragons. As commonly known, only the tail of the dragon is vulnerable. If the tail of any dragon is hit, that person is out of the game (and the next one of the dragon becomes its tail). Of course, during the game, the dragon may never fall apart - if that happens, the whole dragon is out of the game. Additionally, dragons lose the game when they get too short (2 players).

The last remaining dragon wins the game.


  • When a tail is hit, it is not out of the game, but becomes the head of the other dragon (that shot it). This way, the dragons try to grow and to consume all the others.

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