Don't stop the ball

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Don't stop the ball
Type: attention game, ball game
Number of players: about 5 to 15
Location: flat floor
Equipment: several small balls
Duration: a few minutes
Preparation: none

Don't stop the ball is a simple attention game with balls suitable for shorter breaks during other activities. It is typically played by 5 to 15 participants.


  • You need several smaller balls (best suited are tennis balls or alike). Prepare as many balls as there are players.


The participants stand in a circle. The referee adds the first ball to the game and orders the participants to keep the ball moving. The ball may not stop to move, or the game will end. Then, the referee adds more and more balls to the game.

The balls may be kicked with the feet, but may not be touched with the hands. How many balls is the group able to keep moving?