Crooks in prison

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Crooks in prison
Type: tag game
Number of players: 10 or more
Location: playing field
Equipment: ropes or similar to mark the playing field
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: mark the borders of the playing field

Crooks in prison is an active game for groups of 10 players or more.


One rope (10 meters/30 feet or longer)


Using the rope, an area in the center of the playing field is separated. This is the "prison".


One policeman is select (if many players participate, you can also select more policemen). All the other players represent crooks. One of them is put into the prison.

The other crooks try to free the imprisoned one. They can do so by just touching him. Then, he may leave the prison.

The policeman tries to stop the other crooks from freeing the prisoner(s). When he can touch them while they are near the prison, they become imprisoned as well. No defense of the crooks is allowed (they may not hold or in any other way cumber the police).


  • to make it easier for fleeing crooks: once touched by another crook, they are immune for a few seconds (so they can get away) easier. They may not free other crooks during that time, of course.
  • you can adapt the area where the policeman may move around.