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Type: coordination game, active game
Number of players: any number
Location: small playing field
Equipment: two ropes
Duration: 10-20 minutes

The Crevasse is a sporty coordination game for any number of participants. It is a creative variation of just "wide jumping".


  • Two ropes


The ropes are put on the floor, parallel to each other. The gap between them symbolizes a crevasse. The initial gap should be about half a meter, but you can adapt that to the abilities of the participants.

All players are standing on one side of the crevasse. The have to cross it by jumping over it. Players not able to do so get a second chance, but are out of the game if they fail again. For all remaining players, the gap is then widened, and everybody may try again. Who can jump the widest crevasse?

Before playing the game, remove all obstacles from the playing field (on the floor and some meters around the crevasse). Nobody should get hurt!