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Type: attention game
Number of players: 10 to 20
Location: sitting in a circle
Equipment: none
Duration: a few minutes
Preparation: none

Concentration is an attention game with simple hand and arm movements.


You don't need any equipment for that game.


The participants sit in a circle. The players count from one so that every player gets a unique number.

The referee then starts to show the movements. Keeping a steady beat they are:

  1. slap both hands on the thighs
  2. clap your hands
  3. click the fingers of your left hand
  4. click the fingers of your right hand

This is done for a few rounds, until all players have memorized the movements.

Then, the game starts, with one player being the active one. All players make the movements together, but only the active player talks: Upon movement number 3, he says his own number, and upon movement 4, he says the number of another player. This other player is active in the next round. Again, he has to say his own number upon movement 3 and another number upon movement 4.

Whenever a player makes a wrong move, fails to react or says something wrong, he moves to the last position (with the highest number). All players from his previous location up to the last one advance one position. Of course, this changes all of their numbers; the numbers stick with the seating position, not with the person.

The game doesn't have any real target. Of course, all players want to reach the number 1 position, and stay there for as long as possible.

Similar games

  • Foreman has a similar system of calling the players
  • Evolution has a similar system of advancing in case of errors.