Competition of paper gliders

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Competition of paper gliders
Type: coordination game, Group dynamics game
Number of players: optional
Location: everywhere, a playing field for the competition
Equipment: paper in letter format
Duration: a few minutes
Preparation: none

A competition of paper gliders is a competition for an arbitrary number of participants.


Every player needs an equally sized sheet of paper. Usually, normal photocopying paper in letter format is used, but also bigger sheets of paper (for instance, broadsheet) are appropriate.


The game is actually quite easy: Every player crafts a paper glider and has to try to make the glider fly as far as possible from a set starting line. The gliders may be tested any number of times, but there is only one attempt from the starting line allowed. Every glider has to be labelled with the name of the competitor in order to avoid mix-up. In the end, the player whose paper glider flies the farthest from the starting line wins.

Variation for improvement of the group dynamics

Several teams compete against each other. They have a determined amount of time to plan and construct the paper glider. Normally, the planning period is distinctly longer than the time for the performance. For instance, you could schedule five minutes for planning, then one minute for folding the glider.