Chariot race

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Chariot race
Type: active game
Number of players: any number
Location: short running track
Equipment: none
Duration: 10 minutes
Preparation: prepare the running track

The chariot race is an active game for any number of participants.


  • Usually, you don't need any equipment.
  • If you want, to can mark start and finish line and the racing track.
  • You can also add obstacles to the racing track.


You need to prepare an racing track. This can be a very simple one ("from here to the tree, around it, and back") or you can use ropes or similar to create a sophisticated track, probably even adding obstacles.


First, you split the participants is groups (of equal size), each of those groups representing an chariot. Usually, you have groups of two or three, but you can also try to create bigger chariots. With only two participants, he chariot is formed by one playing carrying the other one piggyback. With three or more participants, they have to be creative how the chariot is formed: The players can represent the wagon, the rider, the horses, etc.

All the chariots then compete in a race. The first team to reach the finish line wins the game.