Bucket ball

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Bucket ball
Type: ball game
Number of players: six or more
Location: playing field
Equipment: ball, 2 buckets, ropes
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: mark the playing field

Bucket ball is a ball game for at least six players. It is similar to the well-known game Basketball.


  • smaller ball (tennis ball, hand ball or similar)
  • two equally sized bucket (or boxes, etc.)
  • lines for the playing field (ropes, etc.)


First, use the ropes to mark the playing field. On two opposite ends, inside the field, the buckets are put. Optionally, you can mark an area around the buckets where nobody may step in.


Two groups compete against each other. Each group has a bucket to protect and attacks the other one. Objective of the game is to put the ball into the opponents's bucket.

The player holding the ball may not make any steps but only pass the ball. Direct body contact between the players is forbidden. The ball may be shot in the direction of the bucket from anywhere on the field. For each time the ball lands in the bucket, the team gets one point.