Body twister

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Body twister
Type: Group dynamics game
Number of players: 10 and more
Location: everywhere
Equipment: none
Duration: optional, about ten minutes
Preparation: none

Body twister is a physical game for groups that are already acquainted to each other.


There is no equipment required.


The participants move around within the room. The game coordinator instructs them to touch a defined body part of another group member with their own specified body part. To give some examples:

  1. Everyone touches the head of a group member with their right hand.
  2. Everyone touches the right heel of a group member with the left foot.
  3. Everyone touches the ear of a group member with the left hand.

Former instructions for body parts may be kept in mind and not be violated (e.g. at step 2 of the example given, the right hand of each player is still in contact with the head of a player). Only if the instructions contradict (that means, instructions for the same body part) the older instructions are invalidated.

In most cases, a densely packed bunch of people has formed after a few instructions and everyone tries to fulfill the tasks by winding their body in practically impossible ways.


  • The tasks may also be actively and passively restricted. For example: all women touch the shoulders of a blond person with their left hand.