Blind number tag

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Blind number tag
Type: circle game
Number of players: 10 or more
Location: sitting in a circle
Equipment: chairs, blindfolds
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: none

Blind number tag is a variation of the game swap positions.


  • chairs (one less than participants)
  • blindfolds


The participants are sitting in a circle. One player is standing in the center of the circle, he is blindfolded. All other players count from one and thus get a number assigned.

The player in the middle then calls two number. Those players have to switch their positions. The tagger has to try and tag (touch) them; when he is able to do so, the tagged player is the new tagger in the next round.

The tagger can also give the command "all". Then, all players have to switch positions (nobody may seat on the chair he came from.

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