Bench balance

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Bench balance
Type: coordination game, Group dynamics game
Number of players: 6-10
Location: everywhere
Equipment: one bench (w/o backrest)
Duration: few minutes
Preparation: none

Bench balance is a coordination game and group dynamics game for groups of around 8 people. More players can take part if more than one bench is available. It is best played outside on grass (to minimize chances of physical injury).


  • at least one bench (without backrest)


All players stand on top of the bench. Once the game starts, nobody may step off the bench. If one player does, the whole group loses.

Now, the referee orders the players to sort in a special way. He can order to sort by age, alphabetically by name, etc. The players now have to sort accordingly, but without stepping of the bench; the have to reorder without falling of the bench.

The game helps new groups to get in touch with each other; they have to coordinate, to physically touch and help each other, to work towards a common goal.