Beer crate climbing

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Beer crate climbing
Type: coordination game
Number of players: one after the other
Location: flat (but not too hard) floor, possibilities to secure the climber
Equipment: beer crates, climbing harness
Duration: several minutes per participant
Preparation: prepare protection facilities

Beer crate climbing is a coordination game, where one player after the other tries to climb as high as possible on a tower of beer crates. You need professional climbing protection to ensure the security of the participants!


  • at least 10 beer crates (stackable)
  • climbing protection (harness, ropes, etc.)
  • flat floor


Each player is secured. Then, he has to stack the beer crates for himself to a tower (only one single tower is allowed). As the tower gets higher, he has to climb up the tower while constructing it. Another player should provide him with the beer crates to add to the tower.

It is absolutely vital to ensure the security of the participants. The tower will eventually collapse, the player will eventually fall down. Also, watch out for collapsing towers and falling beer crates!