Ball over the rope

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Ball over the rope
Type: ball game
Number of players: two groups with 3 to 10 players each
Location: (Volleyball) field
Equipment: ball, rope or net
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: prepare playing field

Ball over the rope is a simple variant of the game Volleyball.


  • a ball
  • Volleyball net (or as the name suggest, just a rope) fastened in the height of the player's heads.
  • probably markers for the borders of the playing field


Two groups are formed, they move to their part of the playing field.

During the game, the ball is thrown from one field (group) to the other. Of course, it has to pass over the rope. The players in the opposing (defending) field have to catch the ball. If they are able to catch it, no group gets a point. If the ball drops outside the playing field (without the defending group having touched it), the defending team earns a point. However, if the ball drops on the floor inside the playing field (of the defending group) or the defending group touches the ball but is not able to catch it, the attacking group earns one point. After such a move, attacking and defending roles are changes and again the ball is thrown to the opposing playing field ...

The game ends when one of the teams reaches a predefined number of points or after a certain time.