Ant game

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Ant game
Type: icebreaker, name learning game
Number of players: any number, more are better
Location: small playing field
Equipment: none
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: none

The ant game is a simple ice breaker game for newly formed groups. It can also be used as name learning game.


You don't need any equipment, but some music would be great.


All ants are moving around in the group. When at some point in time the moving is interrupted (the music stopped), the ants have to meet in pairs. The referee then tells everybody, how the pairs have to greet each other:

  • shaking hands
  • knees on knees
  • nose on nose
  • kisses on cheeks
  • dancing a waltz
  • etc.

Additionally, both players exchange their name.

Then, everybody moves around the room again, until the next command is issued.