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Type: Game in a circle
Number of players: odd number of 9 or more
Location: sitting in a circle
Equipment: chairs
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: none

Wink (or winking) is a game for an odd number of at least 9 or 11 players. It is played while sitting in a circle on chairs.


Half of the players require a chair.


The people are split into two groups; half of the players are sitting on their chairs; the other half is standing behind their chairs (always behind one player). One player is standing behind a free chair (he is called the winker). All players of the chairs look to the winker. The players behind the chairs look on the head of their player; they have their hands and arms behind their own back.

The winker looks around and winks to one of the sitting players. This player has to try and flee (and sit on the chair of the winker). The person standing behind the chair of the fleeing player tries to touch him before he leaves. When the player is touched, he has to stay, otherwise he moves to the winker. Then, the player who lost his player is the new winker.