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Type: Game on paper
Number of players: 2
Location: everywhere
Equipment: pen and paper
Duration: a few minutes per round
Preparation: none

War is a game for two players (or probably more). It is played on a table with pen and paper.


  • a sheet of paper, letter size or larger. Often, checkered paper is used.
  • pen (best with different colors for each player



First, all players have to draw their troops:

  • three men of infantry (small circles). They can move only short distances
  • one tank (larger square). Can move larger distances, has got two lives


The players compete in turns one after the other. During each turn, each player may either move one of his troop or shoot.


To shoot, the pen is put to the shooting trooper (or tank). The shot is then drawn with one quick move (it must be really fast, making it hard to actually hit the target).


Moving is done in the same way as shooting. If you use checkered paper, you can also use the boxes to count a certain amount of steps (like 3 for a trooper or 5 for a tank). At the resulting location, he trooper (tank) is drawn, while the old one is struck out.


Of course, the (last) surviving player wins the game.


The game can easily be adapted. For instance, you can add other kinds of troops (that can move twice in one round, that can move AND shoot, etc.)