Truth or dare

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Truth or dare
Type: party game
Number of players: usually 5 to 10
Location: almost everywhere, usually indoors
Equipment: an empty bottle
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: none
The bottle is spinning; who will it point to?

Truth or dare is a game usually played by 5 to 10 teenagers.


  • an (empty) bottle or any other object that can be spun.


The participants are sitting in a circle, the bottle is in the center of the circle. One player turns the bottle. When it stops, it points towards a random player ("A"). This player can now decide whether he wants to answer a question ("truth") or he wants to fulfill a special task ("dare"). The others can then create a question or a task for him (whatever he chose). Often, the player who spun the bottle may create the question of task.

The player then has to answer the question or complete the task. Once the other players decide he fulfilled the task, it is his turn to again spin the bottle.

Often, the tasks and questions stem from the area of erotics, but the players may find any task or question suitable.