Treasure hunt

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Treasure hunt
Type: wide game
Number of players: 2 groups
Location: outdoors
Equipment: pen and paper
Duration: depends, usually 30 minutes or more
Preparation: prepare the hunt

The treasure hunt is a game for two competing groups. However, you can also play with only one group, if the hunt is prepared by the trainers. The game is usually played outdoors (in a forest, etc.)


  • pen and paper
  • often, more equipment can be used for the task, so provide whatever you think is necessary


The participants split in two groups. One prepares the hunt, the other tries to solve it.

The group preparing the hunt create riddles and other tasks (decoding ciphers, directions using compass or geographic coordinates, etc.). They prepare a track through the woods that can only be found if you solve the riddles. The second group then solves the hunt from riddle to riddle; the (correct) solution for each riddle tells them where they can find the next riddle.


  • Of course, you can also prepare the hunt and let your players just solve it.

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