Traffic lines

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Traffic lines
Type: calm game
Number of players: up to 10 or so
Location: small playing field
Equipment: blindfolds
Duration: 1-2 minutes per player

Traffic lines is a calm game for a group of participants not all too large. Several teams compete each other. The game is best played outsides, but it can also be played insides.


  • blindfolds for each player
  • chalk


The referees draw a winding road from one end to the other using chalk. All players stand at one end of the room. Only one player is on the other end, at the beginning of the road. He gets blindfolded. Then, his teammates have to guide him safely along the road. He may not step outside of the road, but has to reach the other end of the road as quickly as possible (you might introduce some time limit). Once he finishes, the next player start.

In the end, the player who reached the end of the road fastest (or traveled furthest along the road without stepping outside) wins the game.