Tin can toss

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Tin can toss
Type: coordination game
Number of players: any number
Location: almost everywhere
Equipment: (tennis) ball, several equally sized tin cans
Duration: few minutes
Preparation: none

The tin can toss is an easy coordination game. It is rarely played in isolation but is usually part of longer games (station courses).


  • several equally sized tin cans (at least 6 pieces)
  • a ball (usually a tennis ball)


The basic idea of the game is quite easy: The tin cans are put in the form of a pyramid on a table. From some distance, the participant now has to try to totally collapse the structure with as many shots as possible. The player that needs the fewest shots for that wins the game.

Apart from that, there are several aspects that can be varied:

  • As described above, you can count the number of shots required to collapse the pyramid
  • You can also count how many cans were hit upon each shot, and rebuild the pyramid each time. The player has three shots, and the player with the highest sum of hit cans wins the game.
  • You can also place the cans next to each other instead of building a pyramid. Then, each can has to be hit individually.