The magician loves

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The magician loves
Type: riddle
Number of players: any number
Location: everywhere
Equipment: none
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: none

The magician loves is a riddle for any number of guessing participants.


You don't need any equipment for that riddle.


The players are sitting, typically in a circle. One player (knowing the solution or the riddle) starts and asks a question like the following:

Does the magician love [any object]? 

Usually, in the beginning simple objects are queried ("chairs", "chocolate", radio", ...). One of the players knowing the solution (can be the same as asking the question) then answers:

Yes, the magician loves [object].

or the answers

No, the magician does not love [object].

He does not offer any hint WHY the magician loves or does not love the object. Like this, several objects are queried. Any player thinking to know the solution does of course not present his guesses, but just participates in the game and tries to offer things that the magician loves.


While it is most fun to find the solution by actively playing the game, you can find the solution here: The magician loves/solution.