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Type: brain game, coordination game, relay game
Number of players: 2-10
Location: everywhere (flat ground or table, no wind!)
Equipment: tetris board and pieces
Duration: a few minutes per round
Preparation: prepare the board and the pieces

Tetris is a famous computer game, that can be played in the real world as well.


  • tetris game pieces ("Tetriminos"; printed on paper and cut out)
  • tetris game board (matrix drawn with the same size as the game pieces)
  • laminator
  • if available: Magnetic sheet/board and magnets for the pieces
  • game board and pieces of Lego


The basic idea of the game is as follows: the game pieces drop from the top of the playing field to the bottom. The player can rotate them and move them horizontally along the positions of the playing field. When the piece hits the bottom of the board (or another piece), it sticks there. Target of the game is to fill horizontal lines; each completely filled line earns some points to the player.

To be playable outside of the computer, the game is usually played as relay race with two competing teams. Each team has their own board. One player of the team runs to the board, and puts the next available piece there. Of course, only positions reachable from the top may be used to put the piece! He only got limited time to do that (e.g. 10 seconds), otherwise the piece is dropped in the middle of the field.

When the whole playing field is filled by the first group, the game stops. The team that was able to earn most points (has most horizontal lines filled) wins the game.