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Type: creativity game, brain game
Number of players: arbitrary
Location: everywhere
Equipment: paper, pens
Duration: 10 minutes
Preparation: none

Telegram is a simple game for creative thinkers. It can be played with virtually any number of players, either each player for himself or in groups of several people.

Required equipment

Each player/each group needs a sheet of paper and a pen.


The referees imagine a word that is told to all players. Their task is to form a creative and fun telegram in its typical style and wording. The hard thing is: the first letters of all words of the telegram should form the initial word given to the players. So, if the word "hello" is given, a valid telegram would be "help, engage lest Lucius overreact" (of course, that solution would hardly win the contest ...).

After a certain time, the solutions of the players are collected, the best (most creative, most fun, etc.) one is awarded.

If that basic idea is too simple, you can demand the resulting telegrams to deal with the initial word. If the word was "Arielle", the telegram should outline something about the Disney cartoon.