Tea bag throwing

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Tea bag throwing
Type: coordination game
Number of players: any number
Location: small playing field
Equipment: several tea bags
Duration: few minutes
Preparation: none

Tea bag throwing is a coordination game for any number of participants.


  • For this game, you need several tea bags. If you play inside (or wherever it is clean and dry), a few bags will be enough. However, the bags should not be used for brewing tea afterwards, of course.
  • additionally, you might want to use markers (stones, post-its) to keep record of the furthest throws


The aim of the game is easily explained: throw a bag of tea as far as possible. The player who manages to throw the bag the farthest distance, wins the competition. Usually, all players can try a few (e.g. 3) times.

Be sure to mark the farthest throws of all players (or at least, the current leader) during the game with adequate markers.