Swing balance

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Swing balance
Type: coordination game
Number of players: about 2 to 10
Location: whereever you can mount the swing
Equipment: cardboard, rope, tape, small objects (like paper clips, matches, coins)
Duration: a few minutes per round
Preparation: build the swing

Swing balance is a coordination game for small groups.

Required equipment

  • sturdy cardboard (letter-sized is big enough, perhaps smaller)
  • rope to mount the cardboard on
  • many identical small objects (like paper clips, matches, very lightweight coins, etc.)
  • tape (adhesive tape)


First, you have to build the swing. Use some tape to mount the rope on the center (balance point) of the cardboard, then mount the other end of the rope on the ceiling. The swing should thus be able to, guess, swing.


All players now get the same amount of the small objects. One after the other puts one of his objects on the swing, trying not to unbalance it. If objects fall off the swing, the player has to add those to his stock.

The player who is first able to get rid of all his objects wins the game.