Spider's net

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Spider's net
Type: Group dynamics game
Number of players: around 10
Location: typically outdoors, between two trees
Equipment: thin ropes
Duration: about 10 minutes
Preparation: build the net
the game spider's net played outdoors

The Spider's net is a game for groups of around 10 people. The group has to solve a task that requires some dexterity, but above all, good coordination and preparation of the group. The game needs a few preparation.

Required equipment

some thin ropes (or cord or something similar)


The referee has to prepare a network from the ropes. This is usually be done between two trees. The network should contain holes big enough so that people can possibly fit through the hole without touching the ropes (when supported by other people). There should be more holes than people (per group).


The group gets the following task: help each other so that every member of the group can pass though a hole without touching the ropes. Each hole can be used only once (can be used by only one person). Nobody may go to the other side except though a hole (so: the first and the last person get less help then the others).

Similar games

  • The wall has very similar rules, but requires less preparation.