Snatch it

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Snatch it
Type: icebreaker
Number of players: 10 or more
Location: small playing area
Equipment: wooden pole (broomstick, etc.)
Duration: arbitrary (a few minutes)
Preparation: names should already be known

Snatch it is an ice breaker game that requires coordination and attention. The game can be used as name learning game, but the players should have already heard the names of the other participants.


You need a wooden pole (or something similar) to play the game.


The participants are standing in a circle. One player is standing in the center, holding the pole. The circle should be wide enough so the pole can easily drop to floor without touching any participant.

The player in the middle shouts the name of any other player and then lets loose the pole (still standing in an upright position). The called player needs to react quickly and catch the pole before it drops to the floor. If he cannot manage to do so, he is the next player to stand in the middle and call a name; if he catches the pole in time, the previous player in the center has to start another try.