Search the ring

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Search the ring
Type: game in a circle, attention game
Number of players: about 10-20
Location: everywhere
Equipment: yarn, ring
Duration: a few minutes per turn
Preparation: none

Search the ring is a game for about 10 to 20 participants. A detective has to find the ring that is passed from person to person.


  • some yarn, a few meters
  • a ring or some other small object that can be fixed to the yarn.


One player is selected to be the detective. He is standing in the middle of a circle of the other players.Those players are holding the yarn that is knotted to a circle. The yarn has been tuck through the ring, so the ring cannot be removed from it but can move around the circle (along the yarn).

One player is holding the ring in his hands; the detective does not know who it is. Once the game starts, the ring is passed on from player to player. The detective has to find out, who possesses the ring.


  • You can play the game without the rope, and just pass along the ring. However, the game is usually more interesting when the ring is fixed to the rope, as this avoids that the ring is remove, hidden, or manipulated in some other way.