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Type: coordination game, game for the senses
Number of players: two or more
Location: everywhere
Equipment: blindfolds, noises
Duration: a few minutes
Preparation: none

Rattlesnakes is a coordination game training the senses of the participants. Any number of players can participate, only two of them are "active" at any given time.


  • You need to sources of noise that sound like a rattlesnake. A can filled with rice might be suitable.
  • Two blindfolds are necessary as well.


All players are standing in a circle, two are selected to be the rattlesnakes. One of the snakes has to catch the other snake. As they are blindfolded, they have to rely on noises to find (or evade) the other snake. When the attacking snake can "tag" the other snake, it wins the game (and an new round with new snakes starts).

To get some hint where the other snake is, the attacking snake rattles, the other snake has to answer. Of course, this is no active "tag" game with a lot of running around, but should remain rather calm, with a focus on listening to noises, sneaking up, and evading.