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Type: riddle
Number of players: any number, 5 or more
Location: two separate rooms
Equipment: none
Duration: 1-2 minutes per round
Preparation: none

Rapunzel is a riddle for groups of any size. Two players have to know te solution to start playing the game. Usually, you need two separate rooms to play the game (but it can work without that, too).


You don't need any equipment.


For each round, two players are selected. One is the "speaker", the other is "Rapunzel". Both have to know the solution of the riddle. In later rounds, it can also be players that think to know the solution and want to try.

The speaker starts the round by saying:

Rapunzel, listen to each word,
and don't leave earlier
as I allow you to.
And give your hand to no one else
as I may give it too.

After some time, he says:

Rapunzel, you may go!

Rapunzel then leaves the room. The speaker selects any other person and shakes his hand. Then, he calls:

Rapunzel, come back!

Rapunzel then enters the room, looks around, and shakes the hand - with the same person as the speaker did.