Pot drumming

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Pot drumming
Type: coordination game, party game
Number of players: any number
Location: usually indoors
Equipment: pot, wooden spoon, blindfolds, small presents
Duration: several minutes
Preparation: none

Pot drumming is a simple game. It can be played for instance at birthday parties.


  • a pot
  • a wooden spoon (or something similar)
  • blindfolds
  • small presents (like sweets)


One player gets blindfolded. Then, the small present is put on the floor somewhere in the room and covered with the pot. Using the wooden spoon, the player has to "drum" in the air to find the pot. When he finally finds it, he drums on it several times, and may then take the present.

To make it not too hard for him in a larger room, the other players can help him find the pot expressing "hot" or "cold", thus guiding him towards the pot.