Pitching pennies

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Pitching pennies
Type: coordination game
Number of players: 2 or more, not too many
Location: almost everywhere, perfect: a wall
Equipment: (equal) coins
Duration: a minute per round
Preparation: none

Pitching pennies (or: Pitch and Toss, Liney or Jingles) ist ein coordination game for two players or more. The game is played almost worldwide under lots of different names.


Each player needs a coin, preferably the same type of coin for each player.


The basic rules are very simple: Each player stands in the same distance from some obstacle, typically a wall. All of them pitch their coin to the wall. Winner of the round is the player whose coin lies in the shortest distance from the wall.

Many details can be varied:

  • Do the players have to pitch simultaneously or one after the other
  • May the coin hit the obstacle and bounce back, or does this mean the player has automatically lost the round
  • May enemy coins be touched (and moved) my one's coin
  • etc.