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Type: guessing game
Number of players: up to 10
Location: in the sleeping room / the tent
Equipment: sleeping bags
Duration: several minutes per round

Piggly-Wiggly is a guessing game for smaller groups. It is typically played on a summer camp.


  • One sleeping bag for each participant.


One player (guesser) is selected, who leaves the room. The other players hide in the sleeping bags, but not in their own. The guesser returns to the room, and sits (carefully!) on one of the sleeping bags. When he asks "piggly wiggly?", the person in the bag has to answer with "Oink, Oink!". The guesser then has to guess who the person in the bag is. He mast name this person. If he is correct, the player crawls out of the sleeping bag. How long does the guesser need to identify all the participants?

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