Picasso for the poor

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Picasso for the poor
Type: creativity game
Number of players: arbitrary
Location: indoors
Equipment: picture, paper, colored pencils
Duration: 20 minutes or more
Preparation: prepare the jigsaw puzzle pieces

Picasso for the poor is a creative drawing game for groups of almost any size. You might get best results with groups of around 10-30 people.

Required equipment

  • a colored image (painting, photograph). Prepare it in a big format (at least "letter"). It should't be too detailed, but have enough details for each jigsaw puzzle piece to contain several colors.
  • one sheet of paper of the same size
  • colored pencils or colored crayons
  • scissors


Put the image and the blank sheet of paper together and cut both into a jigsaw puzzle so that for each puzzle piece of the image there is a congruent pieces of blank paper. There should be at least one puzzle piece for each participant.


Each player gets one (or several) of the sets of pieces (a set consists of a part of the image and the congruent piece of blank paper). His task is to copy the image to the blank sheet. No further communication between the players is allowed, neither may they see the whole image (or other parts of the jigsaw puzzle).

Once all pieces are copied, both jigsaw puzzles are put together again. Now the group can compare the original image to their "exact" copy :-)