Photo rally

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Photo rally
Type: wide game
Number of players: arbitrary, best for up to 20 people
Location: outside
Equipment: Photographs, Map
Duration: one hour
Preparation: take and print photographs

A photo rally is a wide game for groups. The number of participating players can be arbitrary, but larger groups might need a better preparation by the team (best might be groups of up to 20 members).


phase of preparation
  • Camera
  • pen and paper
  • printed/developed photographs (one set for each group)
  • map (one for each group)


In preparation of the game, the team has to take photographs of the area that is played in (typically a smaller village, a settlement, a campground, etc.). The photographs should be diversified and not too hard to be identified (whole buildings, not just one door knob). Take notes, where you took the photos!


The participating groups each get the task to find the objects those photographs where taken of (best told as a thrilling story). All groups get a set of photographs and a map of the area. Depending on the story, the skills of the players, the familiarity of the area to the players and the time available, they might also get hints where the photographs where taken. Their task is to identify the exact location of all the objects photographed.


  • You might also consider giving the teams a camera, so their task is to take their own photograph to prove they were there.