Pharmacy of the Holy Cross

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Pharmacy of the Holy Cross
Type: riddle
Number of players: any number
Location: everywhere
Equipment: none
Duration: longer
Preparation: none

The Pharmacy of the Holy Cross is a riddle for any number of participants.


You don't need any equipment for the game.


The participants are talking about their purchases in the "Pharmacy of the Holy Cross". The leader or another person familiar with the solution of the game starts:

I walk into the pharmacy of the holy cross.
I order .... cough syrup.
And I do get it.

Depending on some unknown circumstance, some object are available and can be bought by the player, others not. This is different for each player and can even change over time.

All players may now try to show at the pharmacy themselves and try to order whatever they want. Of course, they should prefer to order goods that are actually available, so they have to find out which are.


It is most fun to find out the correct solution during playing the game. If you need the correct solution of the game right now, you can have a look at Pharmacy of the holy cross/solution.