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Type: coordination game
Number of players: 5 or more
Location: on a table
Equipment: one coin
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: none

Pharaoh is a coordination game on a table. You only need a coin to play.


  • a table
  • a coin


All players (except one) are sitting around a table and have their hands below the table and pass along the coin (everybody moves his hands a bit, so that it does not become obvious where the coin is right now). The one person not sitting stands a bit off the table. After some time, we calls a command. All players on the table have to quickly follow the command; the unlucky guy having the coin at that moment has to execute the command with the coin in his hands. The person standing has to find out who held the coin during executing the command. If he is able to identify the person, that one becomes the next one to stand; else, another round of passing the coin start.


The following commands are available; of course, you can add your own ones:

  • Spider: Both hands touch the table with the fingertips, and "crawl" around like a spider. The coin is best hidden in the palm.
  • Elk: Hands with fingers stretched out held to the forehead, bellowing. Coin is hidden between the closed fingers.
  • clap: the hand claps on the table. The coin is between the table and the hand, without making too much noise.
  • roll: hands are put on the table as fists, then opened until the fingers are stretched. Coin is first inside the fist, then between the hand and the table, but be careful note to make noise when the coin hits the table.