Paper roll fishing

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Paper roll fishing
Type: coordination game
Number of players: about 1 to 4
Location: everywhere
Equipment: empty (toilet) paper rolls, broomsticks (or similar)
Duration: a few minutes
Preparation: prepare a confined space on the floor

Paper roll fishing is a coordination game. Depending on the size of the playing area, up to four players or so can play at the same time. Of course, you can take the time of all players and thus let a lot more players compete in a tournament.


  • empty cardboard rolls of toilet paper (or similar)
  • broomsticks, one per participant, or a similar shaft
  • an area on the floor holding the paper rolls (best if it has a foot-high wall), like a sandpit, larger cardboard box, etc.


The paper rolls are put into the playing area. Using the broomsticks, the players have to try to "fish" as many of them out of the area. The player with most fish after some time wins the game.