Once an Austrian

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Once an Austrian
Type: singing game
Number of players: any number
Location: space to move for each player
Equipment: none
Duration: a few minutes
Preparation: none

Once an Austrian is a singing game with some moves.


You don't need any equipment for that game.


You repeatedly sing the following verse during the game:

Once an Austrian went yodeling,
On a mountain so high,
When he met with an [NAME],
Interrupting his cry


Ho-le-ria, Ho-la-ria,
Ho-le-ria-ah, coccoo

Ho-la-ria, Ho-la-ria,
Ho-le-ria-ah, coccoo KUCKUCK KUCKUCK

Ho-la-ria, Ho-la-ria,
Ho-le-ria-ah, kuckuck


While singing, several moves are executed:

  • Hoooo-liiiii-riaaaaaa: fast slapping on your lap
  • while "yodeling": repeatedly: slapping on your lap, clapping your hands, and snipping with your fingers, in the beat of the music

Instead of [NAME], another object or person is used during each round. This also results in another sound being made, corresponding to the object or person. Whenever the sound has to be made, all previously used sounds (and their respective moves) are repeated first.

There are dozens or variants for the objects/persons, sounds and moves used. A prominent one is:

  • avalanche, "wobbledi, wobbledi", twisting the hands in front of the belly
  • heap of snow, "woosch", kneeling down
  • Grizzly, "roaaaar", with your hands and arms, showing an attack position of a grizzly bear
  • St. Bernard dog, "woof woof", holding your hands in front of your chest, like a dog standing on his feet
  • pretty girl, "smack smack", like two kisses on the girl's cheeks
  • Baby, "[crying baby]", like holding a baby

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