Nest of matches

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Nest of matches
Type: coordination game
Number of players: 2-10
Location: on a table
Equipment: (glass) bottle, matches
Duration: several minutes per round
Preparation: none

The nest of matches is a coordination game for two players or more.


Each playing group needs:

  • one bottle (made of glass, or a similar firm object with a bottleneck on top)
  • matches or toothpicks (of rectangular shape; round toothpicks tend to roll away)


Two players (or teams) compete each other. One team after the other may put one match on top of the bottle. This slowly creates a nest of matches on top of the bottle. All players have to take care no match falls down. Unlike Mikado, it does not matter whether the matches move or not; you only have to avoid to let them fall off the bottle.

Any team that causes at least one match to fall down lose the game (or earns a negative point). Then, another round is started.