Massage chain

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Massage chain
Type: relaxing game
Number of players: any number
Location: everywhere
Equipment: none
Duration: as long as you like, a few minutes typically
Preparation: none

The massage chain is a relaxing game for any number of participants.


You don't need any equipment. Some relaxing music could help create a stimulating environment.


The participants are sitting in one line behind each other, looking on the previous player's back. They can be sitting on a long bank, or on he floor. To apply the massage, the back of the player should be reachable (so sitting on chairs is not reasonable).

The simple task now is: give a good massage to the player in front of you. The trainer can give hints what to do exactly, like describing a few massaging techniques. After a minute or so, the first player of the row moves to the last position, so each player gets a decent massage (note that the last player of the row only does massage, while the first player only receives - unless you have enough player to form a circle).