Loony bin

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Loony bin
Type: riddle
Number of players: any number
Location: everywhere
Equipment: none
Duration: as long as it takes to solve
Preparation: none

Loony bin is a riddle for any number of participants. You can play it even one participant (probably a trainer) who knows the correct solution. But it is even fun if a few participants already know the solution.


  • You don't need any equipment for that game.


The players how don't know the solution are the doctors, those who do know the solution are the loonies. The doctors may ask any questions, that the loonies answer correctly. At least, they usually agree that an answer is correct. Still, it usually sounds like nonsense to all doctors. Are the doctors able to find the system that makes an answer correct?

Of course, if any doctor does know the solution, he won't disclose it to the other doctors - but he turns into a loony himself and tries to give the same - correct but strange - answers.


Try too find the solution yourself, that's most fun. If you need it right now, the solution can be found at: loony bin/solution.