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Lexicon game
Type: Template:Quiz
Number of players: about 5-10
Location: on a table
Equipment: pen and paper, at least one lexicon
Duration: 30 minutes or more
Preparation: none

The lexicon game is a quiz for about 5 to 10 participants.


For the game, you need:

  • a lexicon
  • pen & paper for each participant


The players are sitting in a circle, around a table. During each turn, another player is the (temporary) moderator of the game. He looks up a (complicated) word from the lexicon and tells it to the other participants. Those write explanations, what could be meant by the word (their own opinion) on a small slip of paper. Their explanation should sound like one given in he lexicon. Additionally, the moderator writes the correct answer on a slip of paper as well.

After some short time (2 to 3 minutes max.) the moderator collects all the explanations, shuffles them, and reads them aloud. All players (except the moderator, of course) may then guess what the correct answer is.

Then, the moderator solves the round by giving the correct explanation. Now, the points are given to all successful players: Having guessed the correct solution is worth one point. Additionally, for any other player who thought that your solution is the correct one, you earn another point! So, it does not really matter it what you write on the paper is correct or not - it should just sound reasonable so others think it is the correct answer.

After some time, the player with most points wins the game.