Junk Food Frenzy

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Junk Food Frenzy
Type: creativity game
Number of players: up to 10
Location: kitchen
Equipment: food supplies, dishes
Duration: 1-2 hours
Preparation: shopping

Funk Food Frenzy (or: Ready Steady Cook) is a creative game, where several groups compete each other in cooking a meal.


  • foodstuff, with different options to cook with them
  • separate rooms to cook (kitchen, hot plate)
  • cooking dishes and cookware


First, several different teams are formed. They then get the foodstuff. For that, either all groups get the same set of supplies, or they can chose one item after the other until everything is handed out.

The teams then get a certain amount of time to cook a meal (like, 1-2 hours). After that time, the meals are tasted and rated by a jury (or all the other teams).