Jungle telephone

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Jungle telephone
Type: attention game
Number of players: 10 or more, in two groups
Location: sitting in two rows
Equipment: coin or dice, chairs
Duration: arbitrary, a minute per round
Preparation: none

The jungle telephone is a game for two groups of an equal size.


  • one coin or dice
  • a chair for each participant (you can also play on the floor, if no chairs are available)


Both groups sit down in a line, holding their hands. The groups are sitting back on back so the groups cannot see each other. The first player of each groups looks at the coin (or dice). The other players close their eyes.

The coin is rolled and when the correct side (like: the head) is shown, the players relay that information by pressing their hands. No sounds should be made, pressing the hand should be the only information transferred. The last player in the line runs to a certain finish when he gets the information transmitted. The first group to reach the finish that way wins the round. Then, the winning team rotates their players (all move up one position, the previously last one moves to the first position).