Holes Bears Fishes

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Holes Bears Fishes
Type: riddle
Number of players: any number
Location: everywhere
Equipment: two dices
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: none

Holes, polar bears and fish is a riddle. It can be played during breaks (like waiting for a train, etc.) or whenever a group is sitting together.


  • You need two dice (with 6 sides)


The person introducing the game starts with the following story:

A plane flies over the arctic ice shield.
The passengers look out of the window.
On the ice and below, they see:
Holes in the ice, polar bears sitting around the holes
and fish swimming below the holes.

Then, he rolls the dice and, depending on the result, expresses how many holes, bears, and fish are visible.

The passengers see:
One hole 
two polar bears
and six fish

This is repeated again and again. The task of the participants is to find out how to count the respective numbers. Of course, if anybody finds the solution, he does not express is, but just tries to count correctly in the next round.


Here are some examples for counting:

  • 1,5: Two holes, four bears, eight fish
  • 2,4: No holes, no bears, eight fish
  • 2,3: One hole, two bears, nine fish
  • 5,6: One hole, four bears, three fish

It is most interesting to find the solution during the game. If you need the solution right now, you can find it at holes bears fishes/solution.