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Type: hide-and-seek game
Number of players: usually about 6-20
Location: wherever you can hide
Equipment: none
Duration: several minutes per round
Preparation: none

This article describes the basic idea of the game hide and seek. Often, not this simple game itself but one of its countless variants is played. Take a look at the category:hide-and-seek game to browse through the available games!


In this basic variant, no equipment is necessary.


One participant (seeker) closes his eyes and counts up to 20 (or so, depending in the location you play at). During this time, the other players try to find a good hiding location.

When the seeker reaches the number, he shouts "I'm coming" and then starts to search for the other (hidden) players. He touches any player he can find (or calls his name).

Which player is hidden best, and is the last to be found by the seeker (or not at all?)


  • all players found can either leave the game, or support the seeker in finding the other hidden players. This might be unfair for some players whose hiding place they already know (as they hid at the same time).
  • you can also add a more active element: the players have to reach a certain target position without being identified by the seeker. For instance, they have to touch a certain tree, where the seeker starts.