Hi my name is Joe

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Hi my name is Joe
Type: singing game
Number of players: arbitrary
Location: everywhere
Equipment: none
Duration: a few minutes
Preparation: none

Hi my name is Joe is a fun singing game with a few simple moves to exercise.


You don't need any equipment to play that game.


The leader(s) shout the following text, line by line; after each line, all participants repeat the same line.

Hi my name is Joe
and I work in a button factory.
I've got a wife, a dog, and a family.
One day my boss came to me
And he said: "Joe, are you busy?"
And I said: "No"
And he said "Push the button with your right hand"

The task given in the last line ("push the button with ...") is exercised by all players from that time one (even when there are additional tasks later on). Then, the verse is started again, with another task in the last line. After some time, everybody is doing many tasks concurrently and still trying to follow the song.

After a few verses (right hand, left hand, right foot, left foot, tongue, head, ...), the leader answers the question "are you busy" with "yes", and the game ends.

An alternative version of the text:

Hello - my name is Jo
I have a wife and two kids and I'm working in a button factory
One day - my boss came - and he said
"Hey Jo - you got some time?"
And I said: "Yes"
"Then turn this button with your right hand"