Here we go with the big fat pony

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Here we go with the big fat pony
Type: dancing game, singing game
Number of players: 10 or more
Location: everywhere in a circle (big enough room, outdoors)
Equipment: none
Duration: 5 minutes or more
Preparation: none

Here we go with the big fat pony is a dancing and active game for groups of any size. One player starts with singing and dancing, and the others join one after the other.


You don't need any equipment.


The players are standing in a circle, not too crowded so that everybody can move freely. All together sing the song ("here we go with the big fat pony"), and all the already "active" players run, hop or jump around the circle (in the inside). When the song reaches the line "front, front front my baby", all active players select the nearest passive player and dance with him. Then, the song starts over, and all previously active players, as well as all players that just had to dance, start to run around the circle, ...

lyrics and moves

The melody of the song is taken from the song "What shall we do with the drunken sailor?", but the lyrics are changed:

Here we go with the big fat pony,
here we go with the big fat pony,
here we go with the big fat pony,

during that, the active players are running around the circle.

early in the morning.

now they are selecting a previously passive player

Front, front, front, my baby,

both "shake", like dancing in a disco, front on front

back, back, back, my baby,

... like before, but back on back ...

side, side, side, my baby,

... and finally, side on side.

early in the morning.

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