Haunted House

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Haunted House
Type: wide game
Number of players: arbitrary
Location: best in a forest
Equipment: rope, objects used to scare
Duration: 30 minutes or so
Preparation: some time required!

A Haunted House can be created to play with kids. It is usually built in a forest and played at dawn (or at night). While it is of course a test of courage to pass through the haunted house, it should not really scare the participants (especially if you play with younger children).


To mark the track the participants have to follow you usually use ropes or yarn, etc. Additionally, all participating players need to be blindfolded.

Additionally, you can use lots of stuff to create the impression of a haunted house:

  • candles and torches (to create the special atmosphere)
  • different objects to scare the participants while in the "haunted house":
    • ropes
    • (wet) clothes
    • gloves (filled with sand)
    • plastic film
    • adhesive tape
    • honey
    • and so forth - be creative!


One group (usually older members of the group, or even adult leaders) prepare the haunted house track. They need quite some time for the preparation (depending on the size, of course). They span a rope from tree to tree in the forest; this marks the track for the haunted house. The participants should later on be able to safely follow the track while being blindfolded (or in the dark).

Along the track, the special equipment is distributed. You can be very creative for this: clothes might hang down trees (so they touch the head of the participants first), you can put sticky liquids (honey, for instance) on the rope, prepare scary noises, etc. You can also prepare tasks that the participants have to fulfill.


During the game, the participants have to master the track on their own (or in very small groups). They are usually blindfolded, but if might suffice to play it at night in a dark forest.

The "staff" of the haunted house try to scare the participants with noises, gentle touches, laughter, etc.